Monday, January 4, 2010

Tips For Discus Fish Breeders

Looking for the right Discus fish breeders can be tricky sometimes because naturally, we want to make sure that we are only dealing with the right ones. If you are not confident to find the right breeder then maybe you might just consider becoming one. The first thing that you have to consider when planning to breed will be your supplies. Your tank should be able to accommodate 30 gallons of water and as much as possible it should be deep because they are considered as up movers and the more water the tank holds, the stable the water conditions will be. The size of the tank will depend on your budget and the space you have in your home. If you are talking about a display tank, you can opt for a smaller tank but it shouldn't be smaller than 120cm X 40cm X 50cm. For a breeding tank, you need a 48cm X 30cm X 30cm tank and this should be enough for this purpose.

Discus fish although they are social, they have the tendency to be shy and they hide especially when they are not confident. Avoid placing the aquarium in areas with a lot of traffic like door ways and halls. Put the tank away from direct sunlight and radiators because this can cause excess heat. Excessive heat is not good for Discus fish because it causes stress. The overall process is not really too difficult and a lot of people actually have become successful Discus fish breeders. If you want to put plants in your aquarium, I would recommend live plants than plastic plants. You can also opt for silk plants, they look more realistic and they are gentle on your fish's fin so you won't have to worry about them getting wounded or scratched. In your breeding tank, having plants is optional, having two potted plants is ideal.

You can also add a driftwood to your tank but make sure you don't over accessorize because Discus fish are not comfortable with a crowded environment. Forget about buying that cute mermaid or sunken ship. A driftwood is more appropriate and friendly because in their native waters, they often find driftwoods as shelters. Another important for Discus fish breeders to remember is filtration. We heard it over and over that Discus fish require quality water in order to be healthy and happy. To make sure you achieve this, using a filter will do the work for you. It will be helpful if you read about the different types of filtration methods.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Discus breeders

With the development of the Internet as the shared world market, discus breeders have started to use it as a profitable means for commercial transactions. Many professional discus breeders promote their businesses online as it is less expensive and opens them to a wider public. And the system actually works in the most profitable of ways. Thus if you want to buy some great exotic fish from an authorized discus breeder all you need to do is perform a simple search on the Internet and see which is the closest facility in your neighborhood.

It was actually the Internet with the many information materials that has actually proved that discus fish are not such a big deal to handle and any careful discus breeder, amateur and professional can be successful at forming a nice colony. Discus breeder forums on the Internet for instance are a great opportunity for those new to the field to learn as much as they can on the discus secrets. In the past only professional discus breeders where likely to grow these splendid fish, but now they make the joy of millions of aquariums all over the world.

For anyone who wants to be a discus breeder, it is a good idea to acquire all the necessary knowledge to make breeding a true success. In the attempt of becoming a discus breeders, a site such discus-fish-secrets. will prove a great help, as it provides advanced information and tips for wanna-be discus breeders. First and foremost, you should learn about the tank dimensions and adjust it to the area where you want to place it. Discus breeders mention the importance to keep the fish away from noise or heat sources and preferably somewhere a little higher.

Keep in mind that, you can always ask a discus breeder for advice, particularly when you buy the fish from an authorized facility. Such people have an experience of years or even decades in the field and can fill you in on all the necessary details. Even when you buy the fish from an authorized discus breeders, you’ll still have to keep them in quarantine in a separate tank before you put them together with your other fish. Make sure you follow all the environment-associated measures in order to create most ‘natural’ conditions for your pets. There will be challenges for you as a discus breeders, but immense rewards too. Enjoy the experience!

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